AMD 3900x High Temps and Power Usage

Discussion created by kingcritch on Oct 10, 2020
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Hi guys, having trouble finding something on this, but I am new please forgive. I just built my first PC about 2 weeks ago: 


AMD Ryzen 3900x 12-core processor

ASUS TUF Gaming X570 plus WiFi

32GB of RAM (G-Skill Trident if it matters)

Corsair H100i


I am still running on stock settings and just concerned about the safety of my hardware. 


Screenshot of my ryzen app below with just this tab and my email open in explorer. I am on the AMD balanced power plan and this is my question: I play fortnite, stream simultaneously, and have spotify open and maybe a tab open on the internet. My processor temp gets to about 70-75 degrees and once saw it hit 85 for a second then drop down, my EDC gets in the oranges-reds when i start a match, and at the start of match the CPU power turns red also. Do I need to be worrying about things like EDC and CPU power? Am I fine?


Should I change from stock settings? I've seen videos about undervolting and all that and ran that, but my friend who helped build the PC said it would cause instability and would recommend staying on the stock settings for now? I'm just looking for additional input and any other tips/tricks as this is my first baby and I'm nervous I'll screw it up.


Also- I used the pre-applied thermal paste on my Corsair H100i's? Not sure if that would affect anything...