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20.9.1 Doesn't FULLY TERMINATE EXE on Exit+Bad Metrics+Inst Rep

Question asked by defectivebydesign on Oct 11, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by defectivebydesign

20.9.1 Will cause games to STILL RUN IN THE BACKGROUND after exit. 20.9.2 is unusable due to constantly crashing DXVK.


Performance Metrics need to be set to a GAME BASIS, so it exits when you quit the game.


Instant replay is still broken in all drivers, which CRASHES the ENTIRE OVERLAY.


Snap Settings Import/Export does not save or restore my Metrics Overlay color, which is RED, and is also ridiculous that I have to MANUALLY type in RED for AMD.


Default Metric colors are:

White: Standard since DOS.

Blue: What are you, Intel?

Green: What are you, Nvidia?

Magenta: Are you on crack? This should be RED, and the DEFAULT.


20.9.1 has so far been the most stable driver for Vega 56 this year, but there still are ridiculous bugs with the Radeon software itself, and the non-terminating exe issue.