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VRAM overflow

Question asked by volk-asv on Oct 6, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2020 by black_zion

I've experienced crashes 3 times in a row in Detroit Become Human, and I've noticed something strange.After 1st launch I saw that 4.4Gb of VRAM were used. Crash - restart - 2nd launch - 4.7Gb of VRAM. And after 3rd launch I saw that this time it takes 4.9Gb. I suppose that something is not working right there. BTW, I prefer using sleep-mode instead of turning off my PC, thus I often get significant uptime and once I noticed that some game is running poorly, with noticeably reduced FPS, I'm enabling radeon stats overlay and there I saw like 6Gb of VRAM used, and since 2Gb are taken from RAM - that becomes a problem and performance killer. I guess some VRAM cleaning mechanism is broken. 


The issue affects whole system, as it's experienced in any\every application.

Terms of reproducing the issue: Using a PC. Maybe using it for a prolonged term of time. (Approximately 1 hour without a reboot)

My PSU - beQuiet!  System Power 9 500W less than 1 year old. 

Everything else is included in a DxDiag file.