Problems with World shading using Radeon ProRender - Blender

Discussion created by gusarg81 on Oct 5, 2020
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I am totally newbie in 3D design world and I've started with Blender.


Since I wanted to test a better render (and fastest) than Cycles, I'm trying with Radeon ProRender.


Now I have a problem: world shading does not render using Radeon ProRender (which does work with Eevee and Cycles renders), is like does not exist.


The world in my scene example is a just simple background with low density (so later I can use it to make a Fog effect).


I am using Blender 2.90, Ubuntu 20.04 and amdgpu-pro-20.30 driver (since latest driver breaks Eevee render by showing graphics glitches, any idea why?).


My graphic card is an XFX RX580 - 8GB Ram


Thanks in advance.