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There is no Radeon Image Sharpening setting for Death Stranding

Question asked by monami on Oct 5, 2020

Hello, I could change the setting "Radeon Image Sharpening" enable/disable on 20.5.1 before but after that version, they removed the option for Death Stranding. Game looks so blurry. I couldn't find a way to activate RIS manually.


I know using RIS for this game sometimes causes disruption on textures after long hours of playing but it is better than playing with -%50 like resolution.


Is there any way to enable RIS for Death Stranding? My global graphic settings are set to enable it but it doesn't force Death Stranding to use it.


I have RX Vega 56 and I'm using the up-to-date Windows and 20.9.1 Radeon Software.