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Windows 10 fails to install adrenaline

Question asked by pilotjoe on Oct 5, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2020 by jdoe12345

I currently have 4 rx5700 xt cards running great in a small mining rig.  This runs windows 10 on a clean install.  I just received a 5th card.  I shut down the computer and added the 5th card only to get a BSOD "driver overran stack buffer"


So I rebooted in safe mode, disconnected internet and used DDU to uninstall the adm adrenaline driver v 20.9.2.


I then rebooted and tried to re-install adrenaline.  It installs the drivers, however when it begins to install the AMD software it crashes and I get a BSOD again "driver overran stack buffer".


Currently I have rebooted and the system is running fine, all drivers are installed and it is mining just fine, however I do not have the Adrenaline software to help control power, fan speed, etc.


Any help would be appreciated