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Disable raidxpert2 - infinite boot loop

Question asked by helmbaek on Oct 5, 2020



I was updating my drivers for my motherboard,  chipset drivers, LAN driver, sound driver e.g. I had also downloaded raidxpert2 and installed it, even though I didn't know what is was. I just figured it was a raid controller update for the motherboard.



Now when booting up my BIOS writes:


Please enter setup to recover BIOS setting.
When RAID configuration was built, ensure to set SATA Configuration to RAID mode.

And I enter the BIOS and now I'm stuck in an infinite boot loop, because I don't have a RAID setup and I wont reset my disk.

Setup is as following:
Ryzen 5 3600

ASUS X570-I - BIOS 2606

Can anyone please tell me how to make this go away and let me enter Windows 10 again?