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Monitor randomly goes black and then recovers

Question asked by bep__ on Oct 3, 2020

   So sometimes in certain occurrences my monitor will go go black then into "power saving mode," then after a solid minute or two it'll turn back on with awful lag. Then till I restart it, the computer will freeze every 5 seconds. The only real times this happens is when I play LOL. It doesn't happen with any other games as often as it does with League. I thought the spiking was a power issue and lack of wattage so I replaced my old PSU.

Here are the things I have done:

Reset my drivers(most of the ones u would be told too)

Reinstall windows 10

Change location of files

Undervolt and Overvolt my GPU

Reset monitor to factory settings

Check GPU fans

Higher Fan speed

Buy a new psu

  Here is the important stuff of my build

b450 Aorus elite

Ryzen 5 3600

Radeon RX vega 56

   Has anyone ever had a similar issue that can help?