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opengl procedural texturing

Question asked by sueyllam on Oct 3, 2020

I tried to run the example on Bump Mapping mentioned in the opengl redbook 9th Edition. So I drew a sphere, a torus and a box; and copied the vertex and fragment shaders code from the redbook. It ran fine for the sphere and torus but got a peculiar result for the box. See attached screen shots Box_DRI and Box_Rotated_DRI. Not understanding what is going on, I tried to recompile and run the same code in WSL and I got a fine result for the box as well as the sphere and torus, shown in attached screen shots Box_Mesa and Box_Rotated_Mesa. I have an AMD radeon 530 R7 M440 GPU running as hybrid discrete graphics card with Intel UHD 620. I am using a Lenovo ideapad 330 running Windows 10 Professional with the latest updates installed. I also have the driver uptodate 20.9.1