PC turns itself off with RX 5700 XT

Discussion created by odanobunaga on Oct 4, 2020
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I have almost ONE YEAR with my RX 5700XT Sapphire nitro + from the beginning I have had INFINITY of problems with it, they started "light" if you can call it that with constant video signal losses, instability at frequencies greater than 75 Hz and shutdowns games and even watching videos or playing videos on youtube.
Most of those problems have been solved, BUT the most serious IS STILL A NIGHTMARE and I don't know when the *** are going to fix it.
Since I swapped my GTX 1060 for the 5700XT in demandant games MY PC SHUTS OFF after a few hours of use; First it was with Borderlands 3 that after about 3 hours the pc turned off by itself, then GTA V, Metro Exodus (with the latter in case of minutes), Shadow of the tomb raider but with what has been my torture has been CONTROL. I can't play for more than ONE HOUR as my pc crashes, the problem is that now not only does it turn off by itself, but it has even damaged the operating system causing my pc to restart every 15 minutes
To try to solve the problem I have chosen to lower the graphic characteristics, sometimes it does NOT work. I have changed the PSU, change the No break of the equipment, CHANGE THE ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION OF MY HOME, and I have not had a stable solution for this problem.
I want AMD explanations since that they can't fix this, don't spend little money on their graphics crap which I buy mostly for the brand.


CPU: AMD ryzen 7 2700

MOBO: Asus prime PRO X370 -BIOS ver 3.1-

RAM: 32GB (8X4) Teamgroup T-force Delta Rgb (2X) Corsair Vengance LPX (X2) all often 3000mhz

PSU: corsair CX 850 80+ GOLD

Graphic card: Sapphire Nitro+ Rx 5700 Xt 8g
Monitor: Lg 24gl600f 144hz Freesync -DP active, 120 hz, 1080p-
Radeon Software Crimson Edition 20.9.1
SO: windows 10 PRO 64 bits -act 10.0.18362-