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5700xt, games freeze, adrenalin crash, gpu clock stuck

Question asked by igniferroque on Oct 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2020 by igniferroque

Bought my MSI Gaming X almost a year ago on 19.10.2019.


If I only knew that this card will be more problematic than my 780ti sli setup. It's been such an adventure..

Had them all with this one, black, blue, brrr, bing and even *POP!* 


Everytime a game crashes I try to establish the reason and mitigate it next time. Manipulating game's graphic settings, driver options, program launch parameters, power options, fresh OS, older drivers, older game versions, hotfix mods, bios tweaks, PCIe 3.0, overclock, underclock, not on system drive, nvme to ssd, verifying integrities, DDU this, DDU that, AMD slimmer, Memtest86, PSU..  with the 5700xt, this is all common practice


My PSU blew up when I accidentally decided to play FH4 without closing Dota2, prior crashing in FH4 without a system reboot. I don't recommend anyone to play with that gpu stuck at 99%.

It's called SCS106AG Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode, 600V, 6 A.. thing that popped. I had another PSU lying around since I used to run dual with the SLI. Seasonic 850x.


The most current problem is "high" demanding games. Freezing and gpu getting stuck at 99%. Sometimes I can't alt-tab and hit the switch. I've noticed that if I go to wattman and force clock speed and voltage to smaller range, say to stay at 1600MHz and 1V or 2000MHz 1,2V as long as range is small, playtime is significanly increased. No thermal issues here.


The system is damn old, unsupported.. X-79 Deluxe, 4930k

570x, 3700x in the crosshair, tomahawk they say...


Anyway heres a list of games I played this year, did not include ones that I didn't spend enough time on.


Arma 3; Almost no crashes, gpu driver not affected

CoDMW sp; Very rare crashes, gpu/clock reset

CoDMW mp; Very rare crashes, 1 of 10 sessions, gpu/clock reset

Crysis 3; >30min very likely to crash. driver reset, clock reset

CSGO; No crashes

DayZ; Almost no crashes, gpu driver not affected

Dota 2; Almost no crashes, gpu driver not affected

Forza Horizon 4; Rarely freezes, gpu driver reset, clock stuck 99%

Frostpunk; Menu idle gpu usage 99%, <30min game freeze. driver reset, clock stuck at 99%

Insurgency sandstorm; Rare crashes 1 of 5 sessions, driver reset, clock stuck 99%

M&B Bannerlord; >60min session possible yet variety of issues encountered including bsod and 99%

Metro Exodus; >60min session very likely crash, sometimes driver reset and 99%, sometimes unaffected

MoW AA2; Rare crashes, gpu unaffected

Squad; Almost no crashes, gpu driver not affected

Skyrim; Very rare crash, gpu unaffected

Star Wars Jedi FO; >60min session very likely crash, driver reset and 99%

Witcher 3; <15min very likely to freeze, audio cue goes on, no interaction, driver reset, clock stuck at 99%

3DMark; Sometimes benchmarking crashes on 1st second, restarting system fixes.





Now going to DDU it once more just for good measure.