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When will Radeon Software Andrenaline release version for linux?

Question asked by lupanama on Oct 3, 2020
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When will there be a Radeon Software Andrenaline release version for linux?
Not all Linux users are experts. Many people who use manjaro, void linux, sparky linux, fedora, and linux mint are not because they are experts. They still want to play. There are also designers. They (myself included) just prefer buying new hardware instead of paying for a license to make their device vulnerable from the root (I mean OS). Wouldn't it be advantageous for AMD if their users grew wider?

I have R5 Graphics and R5 M420 in one laptop. Now I can't use R5 M420 on linux because of many problems. I draw using Krita, Gimp, and sometimes Inkscape. My younger brother often uses Kdenlive on my laptop but the performance is really bad.