Microsoft Update removes Radeon 20.4.2 and installs Radeon

Discussion created by rayconcordnh on Oct 2, 2020
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Hardware, Lenovo laptop with A6-9225 Radeon R4 CPU / Graphics Chipset. Problem: A new installation of Windows 10 Home will install Radeon Driver ( released 08/09/2019) which causes "drag and drop" games like Microsoft Jigsaw freeze and/or restart. Upgrading to Radeon 20.4.2 ( released 05/15/2020 ) solves the issues. HOWEVER : when Windows update runs its daily update check, it "updates" to "AMD Display 26.20.11026.12001" which is the same as Radeon All the problems return with this automatic downgrade. The issue appears to be that the Microsoft update numbering system and AMD's Radeon numbering system conflict causing Microsoft Update to downgrade the drivers whenever it sees Radeon 20.4.2.


This is a recurring issue with AMD and Microsoft. I have found complaints of this same problem in a post from 2017. It is beyond frustrating and is about to cause me to purchase an Intel CPU/GPU product like my wife's computer, also a Lenovo, that runs flawlessly.