Technically speaking, what is the difference between FRTC and Chill ?

Discussion created by antionn on Oct 1, 2020
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As everyone knows (maybe except some newcomers ^^), FRTC has unfortunately been removed and this requires the use of Chill, with more or less success for some of us. I know he's had a lot of debate here to bring back FRTC (and I'm one of the disappointed by the lose of the feature), but a recent new debate on these two features in another forum pushes me to ask for more technical aspect and information about them here, to understand how they do work.


I know we have to use Chill by putting "Max = Min" to "replace" FRTC. So, my question isn't that ^^


The question is, what is the difference betwen them in term of technics. How do they work ?

As can be seen, there is a difference in terms of feel, and especially for the stuttering in my case, push me to interrogate why we have this difference, and how to explain that. I tried to search some information about the technics, but I didn't find any information who satisfied my curiosity (and I'm a guy of text, not of video lol).


In other words, on what, what aspect, and how do these functions act to limit FPS and why does this cause different results ?


Thanks in advance for all the answers you can brings !


NB : If I'm not in the right section for this kind of question, feel free to tell me that I'm changing it ^^