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My GPU driver keeps crashing my PC

Question asked by milti on Oct 1, 2020

A dozen or so hours after the most recent windows 10 update my computer crashed while I was playing a game. When I tried to restart my computer I got the blue recovery screen and I got stuck in a recovery loop. I managed to figure out how to get out of said loop but I had to factory reset to do so. When I tried reinstalling my GPU driver crashed my pc and I got sent back to the repair/recovery blue screen. I've tried many different solutions I've seen online, but it feels like nobody has the same problem as me. I've redownloaded older drivers and used the AMD utility cleanup tool. This is my first computer and I only finished building it a couple of days ago. I am looking for any way to resolve this issue. Thank you.

I have a Radeon rx 5500 xt GPU by the way.