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Serious Display Problems After Installing Adrenalin

Question asked by sushivii on Oct 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2020 by ranapatr91

Even on a fresh Windows install, installing Radeon Adrenalin causes problems for my RX580. The screen constantly flickers white, white lines flashing all over the screen, popping noises, and sometimes completely blacks out the screen for a second before returning. Other times the display would just shut off and Id have to restart my pc to get it back. Ive been trying many things to try and fix this for months, and nothing has worked. The only solution to this is that Ive found is to do a clean install of Windows, and NOT install Adrenalin. Without it my pc has none of those display issues described above and I can play smoothly the whole time even while playing games.