Adrenalin update gives me problems on Substance Painter and Marmoset

Discussion created by finattoh on Oct 1, 2020
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So, the 20.4.2 version of the Adrenalin graphics driver is the only version that dosen't give me troubles. Every version after that makes Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag 3 stop working propely. Substanc Painter has weird artiffacts on normal/height maps. In Marmoset, the application closes when i'm trying to bake my maps. 


I have a rx 5700 xt and a r5 3600. 


 that image is not mine, but is exactly what i'm getting

(This image is not mine, but represent exactly what's happening on Substance Painter)


This is really anoying, cause i want a more optimsed version of the drivers, but i kept getting problems with it. Please send help.