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AMD Ryzen 3600x / MSI B450 gaming max pro motherboard

Question asked by tomdepommie on Oct 1, 2020
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I thought I upgraded my old PC (B75MA-P45 with i7-3770/8GB/sata SSD/latest bios) with a new one (B450 gaming max pro AMD Ryzen 7 3600x/16GB/M.2 1TB SSD/latest bios) (My first experience with AMD processor for myself)
I wanted to improve performance and boot speed and the specs of processor and M2 SSD are capable.
Both systems are UEFI, dual boot, linux/windows 10


When I boot my old PC (2013) it takes 10 seconds till DEL appears to enter setup.
Same test on my new PC (2020) , it takes 37 seconds till DEL appears.


Booting windows till desktop appears, old PC 22 seconds and new PC 53 seconds.
It is more than twice as slow as my old PC even with a fast processor and faster M.2 SSD.
7 years difference and I have gained nothing. Only lost 31 seconds on boot.
When I need to search for something quickly, I’m booting my old PC instead of my new one.


I asked the same question on the MSI forum and they told me it was not their fault but AMD's processor.


Because I think it's ridiculous booting a 2020 PC takes almost a minute, I'll ask the same question here again.


Why is my PC so incredibly slow and can I do something about it?


Thank you very kindly,