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Radeon HD5850 vs 7770, 7850, 6530(APU), or 6450

Question asked by infovel on Oct 1, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2020 by dipak

A while ago, I developed a kernel that runs fine on the 5850 card.

When I had an opportunity to test it on the newer 7770 and 7850 cards, it did not work. The result was wrong, it messed up the mandelbrot set, even though it was somewhat recognizable.

Now, I can also test it on the APU with 6530 and on 6450 and it does not work as well even after making adjustments for the lack of 64bit support. It did not work at all, it zeroed the output buffer contents. The modified kernel still works fine on 5850.

I am using AMD OpenCL SDK under both Linux and Windows.


First of all, which AMD cards support cl_khr_fp64 and cl_amd_fp64 and which cards do not?


And why would a kernel that runs fine on 5850 fail on the 7000 series cards that support cl_khr_fp64 extension?