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Crimson install shuts down computer

Question asked by jo753 on Sep 29, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by jo753

I have an Optiplex 760 with Win7 Pro and I am trying to get this Radeon 5450 to run an LG 21:9 widescreen monitor.


Like the built in video, it runs the screen, but not at the proper rezolution because its going by the standard Windows driver which does not have any options for newer screens,  so I am trying to install the Crimson.


It gets to "analyzing system" and Windows shuts down, coming up with a pre-boot blue screen with text briefly. When it boots back up, there's a text box saying something like 'shut down to prevent damage'. 


After reading a half dozen or so threads here, it's apparent that there are lots of problems with this driver, so I have a few questions:


1. Will this video card run this screen at its proper 2520 x 1080 rezolution? 

2. Is there a different driver specificly made for this card that will install and work?

3. Should I get a different video card?