Displacement Seams

Discussion created by fourzeronin on Sep 30, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2020 by david_s

Hello ProRender developers!


I am back, and I must say great job!  Stability is much better on this version in Maya, keep up the good work.  Onto the bugs and requests.


I am using 2.9.58


-Hypershade material viewer renders with RPR 1 regardless of what is set in render globals

-SSS not working with RPR 2 (uber material)

-3D Texture Seams (Whenever I use a 3d texture in Maya like volume noise for example whether it is applied as a normal map or a displacement, really bad seams become apparent where there are UV boundaries.  Also it like there is an issue with pinching on the poles of a sphere for example.  A 3D texture should not exhibit these artifacts and in fact work properly in other render engines like vray.


Thank you!