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If you are having any stability issues with the Radeon cards, TRY THIS!!!

Question asked by titanarchon on Sep 29, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by titanarchon

I was having stability issues like the below:

Random reboots


Black Screens


Poor Performance

Overlays not working




I went into my BIOS and forced Gen3 on the slot where the card was in and it has fixed EVERYTHING! No issues whatsoever on my 5600 XT and I tested this on my friends 5700 XT as well and it solved all his problems too! We both have Asus motherboards but mine is the x570 Tuff and his is the ROG. We also both have R 7 3700x's. Gen4 just doesnt seem to play nice right now for whatever reason. I am perfectly happy with Gen3 as long as it keeps working like this!


Try this guys and let me know if it helped you!