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RAIDXpert2 help needed

Question asked by everwild on Sep 29, 2020

I was able to get a 4 disk SATA RAID working on a Ryzen 9 machine with a ASROCK Creator X570MB. Had been running fine for a few months. Today, the volume is missing. When I try to log into RAIDXpert2 the submit button is grayed out and I can not log in to troubleshoot.


The RAIDXpert2 raid status in the toolbar indicates that all arrays are normal but since I can't log in I can't see or do anything? 


Windows 10 Disk Management shows all 4 drives.


I was able to follow the instructions and get this up and running initially but don't have enough systems experience to troubleshoot further at this point. 


Any help or advice would be appreciated. I'm hoping I can recover the volume / rebuild the array without losing my data?