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Divers crash Hp laptop

Question asked by skorpian on Sep 28, 2020

hi i have hp pavilion g6 with intel i3 2nd generation and intel hd 3000 and amd radeon hd 7400m its been a week i am facing a problem . while using my pc my pc screen went black and it said display driver stopped responding and has recovered i tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling it but it didnt helped so i switched from windows 8 to windows 10 pro but the same problem then i thought this might be a hardware error so i checked my ram hard disk but no help but past few days i have tried a lot of drivers but still same problem . i dont want to disable it cause i game on my laptop and then a week ago i tried crimson driver but.............:( when i started my games screen went black and this time it was different it said in hd failed ..     when ever i turned on my pc it was on black screen and then after waiting blue screen i tried everything uninstalling  reinstalling nothing is working for me i tried different windows same problem it didnt fixed .  please if anyone have solution except for reinstalling drivers , adding file name TdrDelay in regedit etc . i updated windows 10 it running latest and i dont want to disable my amd ... thanks