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Laptop Freezes when installing GPU drivers

Question asked by ialk on Sep 28, 2020
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I used the AMD Driver Auto Detect to update my GPU driver. After running the software AMD Adrenaline was installed and from there I choose to download the recommended driver with the option of removing older versions of AMD drivers and restart. After the restart the installation began and my laptop froze as soon as it finished.


Laptop is Hp Pavilion 15 with AMD Radeon HD 8670M. (Intel core i7 3632QM with Intel HD Graphics 4000)


After that I went into Safe Mode uninstalled the driver and the software tried reinstalling and it failed same as first time, so I did the DISM command for scanHealth and Restore Health there was no error and I also ran the sfc /scannow there was no error too. I also ran DDU to remove all the leftovers and still nothing works. Right now I have no driver.


I have used previous software like crimson and did not have this problem.


Thanks in advance.