No mans sky 5700xt startup crash

Discussion created by santacl4ws on Sep 28, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2020 by pokester

I am unable to open this game it instantly crasshes on startup.
I am running a 5700xt and 3900x I have tried : Fully disabling Tessellation in the AMD settings.
Setting TerrainTessellation to "low" in the XML config
The latest AMD drivers, Driver 20.2.2, Driver 19.12.1, Driver 20.4.2
Starting the game in experimental mode.

Nothing seems to fix this issue.
I am using 2 monitors, one is 4k and one is 1080p.
I have tried turning each monitor off 1 by 1 and starting the game and it just crashes.
Is there anything else i can try?

I AM ABLE TO START THE GAME AND HAVE IT NOT CRASH IF I RUN IT IN "SANDBOXIE" although this is not a soultion as it can not save and the camera just spins around in circles.