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5700XT just not stable?

Question asked by belgiangenius on Sep 27, 2020
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This summer I built a new PC:


Asus X570 TUF Gaming MB

AMD 3900X processor

32GB GSkill 3600Mhz RAM

Seagate Firecuda 2TB SSD

New Corsair RM850x PS


To start, I used my old 1070Ti video card.  It was rock solid in all games.  Even if you overclocked it to its limit, it would remain rock solid in all games.  So, all the other components in this build present no issues.  The system is stable.


Then, recently I decided to upgrade to a Gigabyte 5700XT OC card, and the weirdness begins.


At its default settings, you can run the 3DMARK Timespy stability test, over and over, and it will pass.  But in games, there are issues.  Forza 7 will crash or feeze at least once every two hours.  Project cars will occasionally crash or just give you a black screen when the race is supposed to begin.


Trying to overclock gets even funkier.  I can increase the power tuning +30%, undervolt to 1150mV, and again it'll hit ~2050Mhz consistently and loop the Timespy stability test forever with no problems.  Project cars doesn't seem affected by these settings too much (apart from the random weirdness it always exhibits with the 5700XT), but if I load up Forza 7 with any power increase at all (even +10%), it'll freeze almost instantly - even in menus.  Sometimes it'll work fine until I crash the car in the game, and then it freezes.  The weird thing is, Forza 7 is not a demanding game, and runs 4K 60Hz Ultra settings and only uses the GPU at 60% load - yet it's crash city.  Project cars 3 is very demanding but runs much more stable with overclock settings.


And Wattman seems to be another jumbo headache.  It just randomly keeps resetting my voltage back to the default of 1200mV.  What's up with this?


But even at default settings, this GPU doesn't seem entirely stable.    I'm almost ready to buy a new Nvidia card and chuck this thing.


Anyone got any suggestion?