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out of range error stops post and windows boot.

Question asked by patrolling on Sep 27, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2020 by elstaci

I am getting an "OUT OF RANGE" message on my monitor preventing access to UEFI BIOS and Windows.  This started happening after I installed RADION DRIVERS 20.4.2 selecting GAME PROFILE under Windows 10 Pro OEM x64. 

Hardware: ASUS Crosshair Hero VIII motherboard with 16GB RAM.  Gigabyte RX5700-XT 8GB video card, ASUS VZ27A monitor (2K 27" at 60 Hz with native resolution 2560 x1440). 


I have tried 3 different video cards on this box (5700XT, RX580, GIGABYTE WINDFORCE ATI/AMD) and all produce the same result.  The 5700XT produces the OUT OF RANGE error on other pc's while the other two ATI/AMD cards do not.


I feel using the GAME profile did something to both the video card and motherboard. This is when OUT OF RANGE issues started. Before deleting all AMD software video drivers the OUT OF RANGE affected only POST.  I was able to get to windows and everything worked fine. After deleting drivers when windows should start the PC hangs with a black screen and is non responsive.  I tried a monitor from a PC that works okay and it also produces the OUT OF RANGE ERROR. Same exact model monitor as above.  I have tried clearing CMOS.  Now I am not even able to boot from a USB stick to repair or reinstall Win10.


Is anyone having this or a similar issue?  Does anyone know of this problem that can assist.