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RX590 xfx fatboy stuck at 300 mhz

Question asked by serpentevfr on Sep 26, 2020

Hello all,


3 days ago i bought GPU RX590 XFX Fatboy oc+ 8gb. It worked ok for 2 days and on 3rd day during a game fps dropped to 24 and wont go over. After a some testing in furmark and in games i realized it wont move  over 300mhz, i know thats normal in idle but it stays that way even in stress test. I tried every single available version of the driver, tried it on 3 different pc's,setting mhz manually but was unable because it wont allow me.

At some point during the countless testing attempts, it started working normally for about 1 minute then again dropped down to 300 and never went up ever again. I need advice?


Thanks in advance.