"Throttle" sound RX 5700 XT

Discussion created by ealeg on Sep 26, 2020

Sry for my eng, sometimes i will use google translate. So, A month ago I assembled a pc: ryzen 7 3700, 16 gb, rx 5700 x, b-450 tomahawk max. Yesterday I heard strange sounds and it was a video card -_- Searching the internet, people call it throttle sound (not cars).The computer was cleaned carefully (once every two weeks), so it didn't damage anything. The maximum temperature in games (Battlefront 2, Metro Exodus) reached 74 degrees, no more. Otherwise, everything was quiet, and yesterday I noticed this sound, and what is most interesting, it appears (by the way, it is quiet) when you are directly in the game! That is, when you press the pause (i.e. the menu) the sound disappears, but as soon as you return to the game the sounds appear.They wrote on the Internet that there was a heavy load on the card, but there were no such sounds before. And then I decided to try to download a weak game, I decided to check if the card is really straining, I launched cs 1.6 and there is no sound, we conclude that the video card really strains when I launch a heavy game.


Question: is this a problem with the video card or ... or with what? If it's with her, I'll take it to the store, let it be repaired under warranty or changed. Now I'll try to reinstall Windows, it might help. Thank u for help (=