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Is the R9 290 actually incompatible with Battlefield 5?

Question asked by lightzout on Sep 26, 2020

I had a R9 270 that ran it with 2gb memory but the cpu cooler leaked. I installed a GTX760 temporarily until I found a R9 290 Vapor-X monster card. It ran Divinity Original Sin 2 fine and Battlefield 1 at Ultra. Why would Catalyst say its not compatible?  That is a poor choice of words as it suggests some fundamental problem rather than a driver conflict. I uninstalled the thenvidia card with DDU in safe mode and genreally dont skip steps, I am experienced but maybe rushed in. I am going to restart from the beginnning I am slightly peeved i took the message to be quite literal. I did some research but just installed it until a friend found another thread here. As an English major i have to play word police here a but. I really hope that a flagship card like Vapor-X TRI-X OC mega Monster card I bought in new condition is not in fact incompatible because I really want it to work. many people are in difficult places financially and playing games at home is my best out and way to be social. Come on AMD! If you care about Covid impact maybe consider better support for older hardware and your loyal customers who used to buy new cards but need to stretch out the budget until that makes sense.  This is a monster card, techincally used but new condition DX12 compatible 4Gb memeory - is it actually incompatible?


Sorry to go full word police but I took it at its word as an english major it suggest there was a fundamental problem that could not be resolved  as the definition is "unable to exist together in harmony" but it may be more of driver conflict. So that is all. I hope AMD reconsiders the poor choice of words since in all these posts I have yet to see case that was true.