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Radeon R7 370 black screen

Question asked by michelsardine on Sep 23, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2020 by thedudeabides420


I'm encountering issues with my Radeon R7 370 I bought four years ago.

A few days ago, my pc crashed and I had a black screen while restarting it (with the screen led on). I realised the fans of my gpu had stopped.


I tried a few things and here's what I saw :

When I start my computer, after the first windows logo, the gpu fans stop and I have a black screen.

If I uninstall the gpu driver, the computer works fine (but without the gpu functionalities)

If I reinstall the gpu driver, I have a black screen once again.

Il I install a previous version of the driver, I still have a black screen. I tried with the oldest one available on the AMD website.

If I put another gpu in my computer (a nvidia geforce 9500 GS, how vintage), and I install the adequate driver, my computer works just fine.


Is my gpu dead ? It's clean, no dust, it doesn't smell like burnt component. It has always worked fine until now. The power supply of my computer is a Be Quiet 550W I bought to a profesional.


Thank you for have read this far and sorry for my english. I joign a few screens if it can help, but it's in french.