Given Nvidia fiasco, what to expect with Navi 2 launch?

Discussion created by hadmatter on Sep 24, 2020
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I've been a life long AMD guy (keeping it local in the ATX!), but I admit my eye did wander to the 3080. For better or worse doesn't look like that's going to happen, though, so now I come crawling back to you, baby. I'm not one of those guys that upgrades his card every year, and in fact I'm longer over due than usual. So I have no idea what launches have been like for AMD for the last ..... well, ever, really, because I don't normally bother with the launch rat race either. But I needs to get my rig Cyberpunk ready!! Given the disappointing and frustrating waste of time that was the 3080 launch, I'd like to know a bit about what to expect from AMD at launch time.


  • I know AMD holds a lot less of the market share, does that equate to less of a sh*t show at launches?
  • Do bots & resellers buy out AMD inventory on mass like they do Nvidia?
  • ^If yes, will AMD take steps to mitigate this - preferably learning from Nvidia's mistakes?
  • How soon after the Oct 28 announcement can I expect to get my hands on a card?
  • When travelling at a subsonic speed during the last one hour of hyper-sleep, which vector of the Romulan nebula will suffer the wrath of the impenetrable quickening?