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STOREMI_2.0.0.0113 BETA install Storage Controller issue

Question asked by ageekhere on Sep 22, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2020 by painful8th

Hi i am upgrading from the old STOREMI



2nd Gen AMD Ryzen on AMD X470 chipset

HDD storage

SSD cache


I have successfully removed the old STOREMI and have unpaired the drives. In device manager i have set the AMD Virtualized AHCI controller for Ryzen 400 series to standard SATA AHCI Controller because if you leave it as is it prompts the user to uninstall the old STOREMI. However now it prompts "storemı is unable to Support this motherboard's SATA Source HDD and SATA cache and SSD attachment. Using an NVMe SSD for the cache is supported"


I think the issue is it is not installing the new StoreMI Bottom Device and StoreMI Controller [storport] controller driver and is trying to use an unsupported controller driver (either the old AMD Virtualized AHCI controller or the standard  one). I looked in the exe and cannot find the controller driver to try and install manually.


How can i fix this?