resolution glitch

Discussion created by ignaciovivian on Sep 20, 2020

Hello, first of all I am using the google translator so forgive my bad English.

And minimize  I mean doing alt tab or pressing windows key, I don't know how it will be understood in other languages.

 I have a problem with my resolution when I play video games and it is lower than 1080p.I play counter strike at 1280x960 and at first it works normal, but when I minimize the game and reopen it, the crosshair looks different, as if the pixels were bogged down.

This happens with all resolutions below 1080.

 If I change the resolution to 1080 and go back to 1280x960, it returns to normal, but if I minimize the game again the same thing happens.I clarify that it occurs both in stretched and with black bars.  It's strange, because sometimes it doesn't happen.


i have an rx 580 and i have updated software.

thank you.