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Radeon rx 5500 xt causes windows 10 boot loop

Question asked by misterxyz on Sep 20, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2020 by ernestrichards

I install a Fresh Version of Windows 10 Downloaded and installed all updates for Windows Go to the AMD site and download the "Auto detect" program, this automatically Downloads and installs my graphics Drivers. While Installation, the screen turns black, Windows Restarts and from now on, it is stuck in a "boot loop" until automatic repair says that the error cannot be Windows is broken. If i start in save mode, everything works. So which Driver is suitable, i do not want to re-install Windows 100 times


What I have tried so far:

1) different driver versions

2) install driver without the adrenalin software

3) installed all windows updates before installing the driver

4) installed zero windows updates before installing the driver.


The strange thing is that the card worked for about 2 months, and then started to cause the boot loop, maybe because of a update in the background. What is also strange is that I had no problems when I installed the card 2 months ago. So maybe something in windows update or the graphics card driver changed which now causes the problems 


I have no idea what to try next. The pc is brand new... And i cannot use it, this is frustrating


Any help is appreciated guys