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uProf Power Profiling broken for Raven Ridge

Question asked by brunnen153 on Sep 19, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by swarup

Note, this is a repost of uProf Power Profiling broken for Raven Ridge 


I noticed that in the most recent release of AMD uProf, power profiling is greyed out on my HP Envy x360 Notebook with a Ryzen 2500U. (Windows 10 2004, Radeon Software 20.9.1)

uProf 3.3


The feature was still present in version 3.2 and before.

However, uProf 3.2 exhibits additional problems for me. Firstly, the option for the Socket power is missing.


See version 3.2 below:

uProf 3.2 - Missing socket power


And here version 3.1:

uProf 3.1 - Socket Power present


Addtionally, temperature monitoring in uProf 3.2 (and maybe other metrics too?) exhibit weird, innacurate behavior:

uProf 3.2 - Wrong temperature readings


The last version that works fine on my notebook is uProf 3.1.