Discussion created by almost on Sep 14, 2020
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So i've been using the RX 590 8GB FatBoy for about 5-6 months maybe less but last 2-3 months i've had a problem with it.While im playing the screen is closing and it says no signal but i can still hear discord,game,voices and speak back to them etc.It happens when im playing F1 2020 sometimes on COD warzone and Spellbreak aswell.I've tried to boost the fan speeds but that wasnt it.First i tried msi afterburner and then the amd's software.Nothing solved my problem it just keep turning off and i had to restart my pc every single time and then when i was opening it i was seeing a notificiation in Radeon Software something about a wattman i don't really know what it is.Any help is appreciated.And should i send it back for a refund???
Thanks in advance