OpenGL sparse texture : memory leaking 

Discussion created by vindast on Sep 14, 2020
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I trying to implement sparse texture array.

I think I found a bug in the Amd driver, or i am doing something wrong.


On sparse array texture i get memory leaking:

Opengl memory leak on amd - YouTube


Texture format:




1024 * 1024, 11 mip levels



Render/GLSparseTextureArray.h at master · vindast/Render · GitHub 

Render/GLSparseTextureArray.cpp at master · vindast/Render · GitHub 


Min exe, which produces this bug:

System requirements: opengl 4.5, avx2


I found two scenarios:


case 1:

press button "create sparseTexture buffer"

enable "bDrawOnAllocation"

press button "create texture"

-> memory leak occur after glTexPageCommitmentARB and acces to texture in shader


case 2:

press button "create sparseTexture buffer"

press button "create texture"

press button "load texture"

-> memory leak occur after glTexPageCommitmentARB and try to update 0 mip level by glTexSubImage3D without acces to texture in shader


important information:

bug occur for layer count more then 512. (i get 2048 for GL_MAX_SPARSE_ARRAY_TEXTURE_LAYERS_ARB and GL_MAX_SPARSE_ARRAY_TEXTURE_LAYERS_AMD)

for 512 not occur, if i have one GLSparseTextureArray object

for 513 occurs.


No gl errors get by glGetError().


Tested on:

rx 480 8gb, last driver : memory leak (win 10)

AMD Vega 8, new driver :  loaded, no memory leak, driver shutdown after a while (win 10)

nv gtx850m - ok, old driver (win 8.1)

GTX 1050 - ok, new driver


I think, my problem same like this:

OpenGL ARB_sparse_texture (Driver crash, texture issues) 


Sorry for the bad English