5700XT CTD only on OC bios, default fine

Discussion created by redrumgalaxy on Sep 15, 2020
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Hello and Greetings,


I have an unclocked 3900x on an ASUS x570 Crosshair 8 Hero (wifi) with 32gb 3600mhz memory and a 1Tb Corsair MP600. I have got a new Corsair AX850 watt PSU.


My XFX radeon rx 5700 xt 8gb thicc iii ultra graphics card has a switch for dual bios. 


In OC Mode it is meant to boost to 2025mhz, however gpuz and Radeon Software show it boosts to 2150+ when activated and logged whilst using other software.


The only drivers it is stable with are 19.12.1. Any other drivers and it constantly crashes to desktop even when undervolted/underclocked.


When I flick the bios switch it goes to default values with a boost of 1925, but boosts with out any adjustments to around 2000mhz. In the radeon software if i auto overclock it boosts to c.2100mhz and is rock steady stable on all drivers/games no CTD's even though clocked higher than OC bios provides.


I have spent a good couple of weeks trying to stabilise the OC Bios settings to no avail, fresh installs (win 10 and GPU using DDU), too many steps tried to list every single one but most related to the Amdkmdap error which is always present in Event Viewer after a CTD.


Then a new psu, all settings at default etc etc Only 19.12.1 was stable.


Found out on Sunday my card had dual bios and i flicked the switch and it now auto overclocks higher than advertised boost and is stable, no errors no event no CTD and is stable on 20.8.3? Go figure!


(All temps are within spec as have been logged during usage)



Is it likely that the bios for the OC configuration is somehow corrupted? Can it be restored?