RX 480 8gb FPS problem.

Discussion created by dainiusk on Sep 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2020 by dainiusk

Hello, so i got this problem, that i couldnt find solution for yet. Im playing game world of tanks (for example) on ultra settings im able to play it at 100fps+. But the next time i turn PC on, no settings would be changed i would get less then 50fps in the same game, with wayyy lower settings. It just feels like, the GPU is not using its full power or something like this, ive tried reinstalling drivers, installing different drivers. even reinstalling windows, problem is still there. 

Ive also set GPU bios to gaming mode.


The only solution i found so far is to restart pc few times, till gpu works the way it should.. So im asking for your help, smart people, maybe someone can help me out