Radeon 5700 gaming CTDs (black screen blinks too)

Discussion created by mischa on Sep 14, 2020
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Hi everyone -

Hoping you good people can help a total amateur having gaming CTDs:

Issue summary:
Black screen blinking and CTDs playing Three Kingdoms Total War, typically during battles rather than strategy map. Can't go more than 1 or 2 battles without one. Had artifacting once, had a full reset freeze once, but mostly just black blinking followed shortly by CTD.

System details:
Motherboard - b550 Tomahawk
CPU - Ryzen 7 3800x
PSU - EVGA 650 G3
Display - HP, I forget the model name but it's an HDMI
System memory - 32 GB (2x16 Corsair dd4)
GPU - MSI AMD Radeon 5700 (Vbios, per GPU-Z, is
OS - Windows 10 x64, version 2004 
GPU driver - Radeon software Adreneline 20.8.3 (I already tried a couple of earlier driver sets, same issues.)
Applications - Three Kingdoms Total War, running w/ DX12
Background apps - Steam; Radeon Adreneline 2020 (I tried seeing if it would help to turn off the overlay; it didn't.)
Software settings - I tried every combination of AMD's pre-set "gaming," "standard," "standard" plus lots of stuff manually turned down, etc.

Other games haven't done this (admittedly not very graphics-intense ones - Crusader Kings 3 and Cities Skylines, the latter on about as high graphics as it goes.) According to HWInfo the GPU "hot spot" and "memory junction" numbers do get up over 90, but from what I read this GPU is supposed to be good up to 115? (The actual GPU temperature line is never anywhere near that, I think it maxes out in the 70s.) And the CPU temps typically max out in the 70s, the highest I've seen for the CPU is 81 I believe.

There are a lot of comments about Total War games and the 5700 / 5700 XT etc cards being problematic, and I've tried various suggestions out there including installing the drivers without the Adrenaline software (seemed to help a bit but still ultimately got these CTDs.) I've also seen suggestions of people fixing black screen issues by upgrading PSUs, but those seemed to be people running in the 500s range and mine is already 650, so maybe it's that but obviously I don't know.

Attached is DXDiag which does have some references to Windows error reporting / "fault bucket" which perhaps will tell someone more knowledgeable than me if this is hardware, software, drivers, Windows, or what? I'm really hoping it's the game, or at least the software, not the GPU itself...

Please advise if any additional information would be helpful.

Thank you everyone