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Ghost monitor with Rx 480

Question asked by sherif5 on Sep 13, 2020
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I've a problem in the last few weeks is that windows detects a second monitor named Generic non-pnp monitor. It had it from long time but I selected my real display as the main one and I had no issue with it, but in the last 2 weeks it sometimes keeps detecting that I installing and removing it continuously and make that sound you hear when you plug and unplug a usb device and it also cause a little freeze to my pc and stuttering.I've tried to install a fresh windows and to uninstall my GPU driver completely and installing the newest one and then go back to 19.9.2 driver, I also tied another display, cable and HDMI port of the GPU but nothing changed and hope you can help me.

my PC specifications:

CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 1600AF stock


GPU 1: ASUS ROG Strix RX 480 8gb stock

RAM: XPG Gammix D10 8gb 3200 DDR4

PSU: seasonic s12ii 520w 80+ bronze