RX 570 issues

Discussion created by kleinmoretti123 on Sep 13, 2020
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Hello everyone. I sent my graphics card to the maintenance so now I'm using my other graphics card which is RX 570 4GB from Asus. It's not that old as I bought a year ago and used it for like 5 months but I started to experience some weird problems and it started after the first 3 months. I was using the new one so I didn't care at the start. I tested it with different utilities but I didn't get to see any problems. My PC doesn't start properly sometimes. GPU's fans spins at the full speed at the start and I get no visual on the monitor till I turn off the PC from the power button and of/on the back power switch. Reset doesn't work so I have to use the switch. Sometimes I have to switch on/of and try it like 5-10 times to get visuals. After that it starts properly without a sound. There is some weird visual error on the top of the screen too like a horizontal white line which I added the screenshot of it. It always there no matter if the PC is on or not. I tested the monitor so it shouldn't be that. Taking the card out and putting it back in doesn't work. This card has Coil Whine problem but I didn't returned back at the time because it didn't matter to me and I still have warranty so if nothing can fix this I have to send it there to get fixed at the end. I will be glad if you guys offer some opinions.