Adaptive Half Refresh Rate Vsync - Why not AMD?

Discussion created by oxilon on Sep 12, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2020 by pokester

I'd like to know why AMD in his drivers [Radeon Settings] doesn't have a Adaptive Half Refresh Rate 1/2 to cap the FPS to 30 same to Nvidia and Without Micro-Stuttering.. .I would like to play videogames at 30fps like console experience. the radeon chill I don't like it... it get a lot of stuttering... wheter I cap to min 30fps max 30fps... and I don't want to pay a freesync monitor because the LFC just for that... is already expensive.... and not all freesync monitor bring them...


I also used the RivaTuner with Scanline Sync x/2 and the same I see micro-stuttering c'mon AMD isn't hard to put that option... other question who has used that option on NVIDIA Panel? works fine? the 30fps capped?