impossible to exceed 60 fps on a game with my 560x

Discussion created by furzy on Sep 14, 2020



I've been trying for over a week to exceed 60 FPS on my game Black Desert Online but despite many tutorials i can't do it :/ 

I tried a lot of things :

-switch on the old radeon software

-put my game in maximum performance with w10 

- on and off enchanced Vsync and freesync 

- On and off my game's full screen optimization

- edit the settings PPP (DPI) of my game 

- Download ClockBlocker 


of course I always do it in full screen. i play with a laptop Nitro 5.

and i wonder if the procesor's GPU takes the advantage over the 560x but when i turn off the gpu processor i switch to basic microsoft gpu.

And my game no longer works with the 560x while when the gpu processor is activate yes because i am at 60 fps constantly which is impossible just with a processor-based GPU.

and i can't find any way to fix this problem.


thank you for reading and sorry for my english which hurts the eyes.