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Misleading RAM, different quality RAM hynix/micron/samsung CL14,16,18,21 ALL sold as same 'brand model' with identical heatsinks and often identical prices no distinguishing colouring/markings or labels just different serial numbers. Can we force manufact

Question asked by eccentric on Sep 12, 2020
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When intel or nvidia try and fail at making CPU's and GPU's constantly and have super poor yields they try make a very expensive one but it fails so they disable a chunk of it and sell the failed i9 or titan or 2080ti as a i3 o i5 or a gtx 2060 super. But when samsung or hynix or micron fail at RAM.. they sell on their low spec low performance lower tiers and models of RAM dirt cheaply im guessing but Third party RAM vendors buy them all up for peanuts put IDENTICAL packaging/labels heatsinks and designs and marketing for the budget dirt poor low end failed to manufacture products and charge the same for them as top shelf flawless golden sample stuff.. How the hell is this legal? 

They should be forced to at least have some sort of coloured racing stripes down the side to differentiate the lower tier products from the higher tier.. how would you feel if you paid $5 difference for an intel i3 CPU to an intel i9 or i7 CPU but it has the same packaging and looked identical but there was a different serial number on the back of the product? 

and RAM vendors will say "its coz we cant afford to produce or sell or supply enough quality RAM to supply everyone with quality RAM.. so we sell cheap failure RAM at the same price as the good stuff to help lower the demand and ease the burden on the supply strain?" *** this should be a crime? trident Z RGB, trident neo, xtreem ARGB, Corsair dominators and junk.. ask me if I want to punch these people? then i tried to buy some quality RAM online by looking for CL 14 and ebay people had CL14 mentioned in the ad description but CL18 turns up.. and they say "we mentioned the serial number of the part somewhere in the description" which had typo in it so when i googled the serial number i got nothing.. Thank goodness i paid via paypal and was able to post it back and get a refund. then spend fortunes to import the "correct one" from newegg or amazon instead of trying to buy locally. importing means more taxes than if i'd bought from a supply chain wholesaler to retail store here locally all the stores here said i'd have to import it as its not for sale in this country or something so the people selling it here were asking the same price as to import the B-die RAM for non bdie RAM that looked and sounded similar.


Also, USB type C can plug in any way up, why the heck cant RAM do that? if not couldnt you have markers on the RAM body and mainboard for which way up so people with poor eyesight who cant see into a dark computer case or black DIMM SLOT wont have to try eyeball where the middle divider is and try and guess which way around the RAM lines up better. Who can we talk to to make this happen?

Speaking of RAM and SCAM! well most of the laptops or all of them I've seen in australia will finally have some great fast and powerful AMD ryzen processors in the laptops but the laptop number of HDMI or USB ports the keyboard and screen quality or battery quality are cheap and nasty.. WORSE they severely limit and cripple and slow AMD computers by using ancient SODIMM LowPower DDR thats half bandwidth bus.. and so on.. with limited low mhz.. I'm guessing that if you were to use DDR4 desktop RAM sticks in a laptop it might shave a few minutes operation time but make the laptops perform much closer to a desktop PC.. I'm guessing hardware vendors are sabotaging AMD basically by pairing cheapest nastiest laptop low power fake SODIMM square RAM card garbage with their fast CPU's to make it seem like the intel laptops are somehow faster than they really are. Could we look into why this is?

Ads for laptops will say 8GB RAM but they wont mention if its garbage RAM or the mhz or SODIMM LPDDR or if its actual REAL RAM thats full bandwidth and full speed and supports high mhz RAM. is this misleading consumers or intentionally withholding product information?