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AMD ryzen 5 3550h overheating on a nitro 5 from acer

Question asked by necromancer_365 on Sep 10, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2020 by pokester

I got my computer Last year, and it has almost been a year, and now my computer is acting slower than it used to, some simple games that I play will give me extreme frame drop, from a good stead 60 fps to 1 fps.  It is not that nice as it takes about 5 seconds to get some more frames back, but it will continuly do it.  It really destroyes the fun in gaming.  I have been looking into it and all and it seems that the cpu it overheating and has been getting to 100 degrees Celcius, and I believe it is only to handle 90 degrees Celcius.  Is any one there that may be able to help me on this?