RX 580 Usage Spikes + Fan Usage

Discussion created by roberdgreg on Sep 12, 2020

I’m hoping folks on this forum might be able to help me. I recently got a RX 580 and I am experiencing major GPU usage spikes when running World of Warcraft (and just WOW). This doesn’t happen when I am idle. The spikes are noted within AMD’s software center and I can hear them happening, because the GPU fans spin like wild. Breakdown of hardware below. Any recommendations to stop this? I’m worried about it burning out my GPU.


Active apps: chrome, world of warcraft,


GPU: RX580


CPU: intel i8-4790k


Motherboard: Z97 PC MS-7850


RAM: 16gb


PSU: EVGA 210-GQ-0750-V1 750W


Case: Provide the make/model, cooling solution, and fan configuration.


Operating System & Version: windows 10


GPU Drivers: AMD 20.8.20