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Screen blips, flashes, black spots that spread

Question asked by jhiddle on Sep 9, 2020

So I'm having this issue in newer games such as This Land is My Land, PUBG, etc. Sometimes it's just small specs of odd colors that seem to be poking through the game graphics all the way to a flicker in the actual images. Some games those blips will turn black and then just spread almost like a piece of paper burning until it turns the screen black. If I turn the camera everything will come back but more spots will appear etc. This has persisted through multiple different versions of drivers, and I've just updated again today. Lastly sometimes it feels like my card will just crash all the sudden, all graphics will stop / freeze / or even turn black completely. This will hang this way for about 10-15 seconds when it's almost like it resets. Some games will recover from this, while others I will simply have to force close and re-open.